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Featured Projects

Chains of the Eternals

Web3 Open World MMORPG

Chains of the Eternal is an open world MMORPG with robust sustainability. Set in the decentralized metaverse, players will be able to complete various quests, participate in events, and get amazing rewards without being limited by servers, and makes use of chains to function as the server.

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Chains of the Eternals



Nuon offers a decentralized stablecoin solution protecting holders from inflation and enabling arbitrage. Collateral-backed, it provides stable value and interest-free loans.

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On Chain Strategies

Vaultka optimizes returns for Perp DEX LPs on Arbitrum through customized vaults, aspiring to be a leading liquidity hub for decentralized Perp trading.

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Narwhal Finance

Perpetual Exchange

Narwhal Finance is a cross-market decentralized perpetual exchange that offers a unique solution for social trading by enabling leveraged trading of all asset classes through synthetic assets.

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Narwhal Finance


Dollar Cost Averaging Dapp

Stackit is a DeFi DApp automating cryptocurrency investments. Users schedule recurring purchases of specific cryptocurrencies, eliminating manual intervention and emotions.

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Undoxxed - Deprecated

On Chain Strategies

Undoxxed is a streamlined on-chain strategy platform for Avalanche and Arbitrum. Harnessing the best of DeFi, it offers optimized, transparent solutions to empower users in the decentralized finance landscape.

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Baccarat - WIP

On Chain Casino

Baccarat is an on-chain casino platform offering authentic Baccarat experiences. Users engage in provably fair games, ensuring transparent outcomes and true randomness on every hand. Dive into the fusion of traditional gaming with blockchain reliability.

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What We Offer


Research & Planning

Strategically exploring Web3 terrain and data to chart your venture's successful course in the blockchain universe.


Smart Contracts

Designing secure smart contracts that enhance the integrity and functionality of your decentralized application.


UI/UX Design

Crafting intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that seamlessly intertwine with the unique complexities of blockchain technology.


Dapp Development

Building robust, scalable, and innovative decentralized applications tailored to fit your vision and requirements.


Testing & QA

Performing rigorous testing and quality assurance for impeccable, reliable, and flawless decentralized solutions.


Project Management

Managing projects from conception to completion with precision, transparency, and agility, for streamlined, timely delivery.



Providing expert Web3 guidance, helping you navigate complex blockchain technology, and realize your ideas.


Maintenance & Support

We offer ongoing technical support and maintenance to ensure your products are optimal, secure and up-to-date.

How We Work

Discovery & Research

Initiate partnerships through discussion, devising effective strategies through research.

Smart Contracts

Build secure smart contracts enhancing decentralized application functionality.

UI/UX Design

Design an interface focusing on user behaviour and increasing conversion rates.

Front End & Back End

Develop robust front and back ends for integrated application architecture.

MVP Ready

Aim for a functional Minimum Viable Product within three months.

Integration & Testing

Post-development, rigorously test and integrate for a flawless, efficient decentralized solution.

Testnet & Mainnet Launch

Deploy project to testnet, examine performance, then launch on mainnet post-testing.

Maintenance & Support

Provide continuous support & maintenance post-launch for secure blockchain solutions.


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